Tips for Pre-Recorded Presentations at ICARD 2021

The aim is for pre-recorded presentations to be clear and engaging as possible and it is suggested that they be created via one of the following options:

  • Zoom
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • iMovie
  • Another screencast software 


We need to have a clear video of you and your slides for the duration of the presentation. It is suggested that you introduce yourself with a video of yourself, then switch to showing just the slides.

  • Have front lighting (do not sit with a window behind you).
  • Wear non-distracting clothing (avoid stripes or patterns).
  • Keep the background as neutral as possible to reduce distractions. Please do not record outside or anywhere there is a lot of background noise. 


Be sure to wear headphones or a headset with a boom microphone. If you wear headphones without a boom microphone, carefully hold the microphone away from your clothes so they do not rub and create distracting background noises in your presentation.

Before recording your entire presentation do a quick test; start recording; say a sentence at normal volume, show your slides, and stop recording. Play it back and make sure it is something that everyone can accurately see and hear.

Staff will review presentations to ensure adequate video and sound quality and may ask you to re-do your presentation.  There will be a hard deadline for this to be done to ensure time to edit presentations prior to their scheduled presentation time.