Conference Chair

Chris Kennedy, SRK Consulting

Chris Kennedy
SRK Consulting

Chris has over 20 years of experience in the fields of mine waste geochemistry, microbial geochemistry, mineralogy, and mine closure through working in academia, mining finance, consulting, and for a senior gold producer. His expertise includes water quality predictions for developing, operating and closed mines, waste management planning, mine waste microbial geochemistry investigations, and evaluating mine waste closure options for operating and abandoned mine sites.

Conference Co-Chair


Gilles Tremblay
International Network for Acid Prevention (INAP)

Gilles Tremblay is the Technical Manager of the International Network for Acid Prevention (INAP), an organization of international mining companies that seeks the prevention of mine-impacted waters through collaborative research, information transfer and networking in support of responsible mineral development. Mr. Tremblay also coordinates activities jointly with the Global Alliance, which has organizations working on acid prevention in Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, South America and USA. Prior to joining INAP Gilles worked for the Government of Canada for more than 33 years coordinating large multi-party R&D consortia related to environmental issues affecting the mining industry (e.g. MEND and NOAMI).

Committee Members


Louiza Bell

Senior Environmental Engineer and working with Teck since 2002.  Have worked in a number of capacities with the organization including environmental monitoring and management, identifying and investigating current and novel water treatment technologies, commissioning a new water treatment plant, and recently working with Mine Sites and Corporate groups to reduce long term impacts from mine waste by improving understanding of various techniques to prevent and mitigate ML/ARD.

Teck Stephane Brienne-500

Stephane Brienne

Stephane Brienne has been at Teck since 1996, and has worked in a number of areas in mineral processing and environment. He currently leads a team researching water treatment developing methods for challenging constituents of interest, and long term sustainability goals for Teck such as source control in mine dumps, with close alignment with Operational and Corporate groups.

Ros Green photo-500

Rosalind Green
Rio Tinto

Ros is currently the Principal Geochemist for the Copper group in Rio Tinto. Ros’s work varies from exploration/study characterisation and development of mineral waste management strategies through to operational management of reactive waste and reclamation/closure. She has worked with mineral waste management at Rio Tinto for 16 years with the majority of experience in Iron Ore and Copper, but also involvement at mineral sands and coal operations. Ros’s PhD developed active and passive treatment systems for acid sulfate soil drainage waters.


Alexandra Hood
Agnico Eagle Mines

Alex has spent her career in mining, predominantly in Arctic Environments. She started her career within site operational teams overseeing environmental monitoring, community engagement and regulatory affairs. Her current role encompasses the project management of Agnico Eagle’s closure and legacy sites as the Closure & Rehabilitation team leader within the Sustainability group. In this role, Alexandra works with the Operations and the Corporate Office by promoting cost-effective closure approaches. She is committed to finding innovative solutions for mine closure challenges and entrench closure in project planning to propel the industry towards a more sustainable future. Alexandra is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). She holds an M.Sc. in Environment and Management and is actively pursuing her MBA, specializing in International Business Innovation and Leadership, both from Royal Roads University (British Columbia, Canada). She is also a board member for Women in Mining Canada.


Brandon Lewis
New Gold

Brandon is currently working as an Environmental Scientist with New Gold’s New Afton Mine in Kamloops BC. Since joining the site he has taken on a leading role in helping to ensure the site Metal Leaching and Acid Rock Drainage monitoring and management program is achieving the highest potential. Prior to this role his work experience has included coal mining in Northeastern BC as well as time in pulp and paper. Outside of work he enjoys playing sports, spending time with his two kids, and being outdoors enjoying nature. His participation on the Organizing Committee for this event has been a great learning experience and he hopes everyone enjoys the conference.


Dr. Russell Staines

Dr. Russell Staines is a Principal Environmental Geochemist with BHP, with more than 20 years’ experience in the minerals and environment sectors, and experience in multiple commodities in a variety of global settings. Russell has expertise in geochemical and hydrological modelling, acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD) prediction and management, waste rock and tailings geochemistry, baseline environmental characterisation, regulatory compliance, mine closure planning and risk assessment.  Russell has provided consulting expertise in the private and public sectors on projects concerning mining and baseline environmental characterisation issues in order to achieve legal compliance, improve environmental performance, or manage risk.  Russell is currently the BHP representative on the board of the International Network for Acid Prevention (INAP).